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Wedding is the event which is leaves long last memories in our minds either it’s your own or someone else’s. The fanciest part of the wedding ceremony is the wedding ceremony decoration itself, you can do it by yourself or can hire a professional for this purpose, professionals charges according to your requirements of gathering of event or can charge per person, depending upon the way of doing person in your area. The first question arises in mind is that on which date and season the function is going to be held. The arrangement and decoration is always according to the weather conditions and where you want to do the wedding either outdoor ceremony or indoor ceremony.


First of all estimate the gathering in numbers you want to invite them on your event then arrange supplies according to requirement of decoration you want to arrange. Ordering fresh flowers, fabrics, ribbons of different types and colors and many more things which are needed, starting with couple’s wedding ceremony area or stage. Deicide in which way you want to decorate the stage area for example wreaths of fresh flowers or silk flowers with contrast combination of covering fabrics on wall or in matching color. Usually people in wedding decoration prefer contrast red roses and white fabric combination or any contrast combination, you can also go with matching color but it will not prominent the different aspects of decoration.

Then it comes to sitting arrangement of ceremony arrange well decorated comfort chairs for your guests and provide maximum place for the movement of guests. If the ceremony is outdoor planned then you must provide heating arrangements in winter season and cooling arrangements in summer. With sitting arrangements also provide center tables for dine in and placing hand luggage of guests. For decoration on center tables you can provide center pieces of vases and pots with fresh flowers and plant and for a ceremony at night also provide candles with candle stands. Most of important tip is to keep in mind the height and of decoration of centerpieces on tables as they must not cause and hurdles in communication between guests of the ceremony. One thing to remember is to match your fabric of chairs and center tables and even try to maximize synchronization of different decoration arrangements.

When arranging the couple’s wedding car you will also have to decorate it flowers and ribbons of matching and contrasting colors. Wedding cars are also available on rental basis from range of highly luxurious cars to for low income persons also; they will arrange decorations on car also on your demands. There are also other different things which can make your marriage ceremony memorable in minds of your guest forever for example printing the names of couple(X WEDS Y) on flower bouquets, center pieces, crockery and many more you can manage. For large crowd gathering you must arrange multimedia projector and sound systems for better visual and hearing of wedding ceremony event. All these things are depending upon you that how much you want your wedding to be special. But also keep in mind the budget and environmental aspects during the ceremony.

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